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5 Shocking Statistics About App Development Today

5 Shocking Statistics About App Development Today

5 Shocking Statistics About App Development Today

Jul 16, 2019 BY Inventors Trust

Technology is building the way we live.

We are using our smartphones even more than our laptops.

We use apps to organize our days, to get entertained, to shop, to read, to see what others are up to, to turn our lights on and off and so many more things I’ll never be able to catch up.

All I know is that mobile apps are making the world go round. In the near future, this app business will be hitting the $200 Billion mark.


So, if you are a user or an app inventor here are 5 shocking statistics to know about the app world today.

The app consumers are climbing

The amount of mobile app downloads only seems to increase over the years. According to Statista, there were 178 billion app downloads in 2017 and that staggering number is only estimated to increase even more.

They project that by 2022 there will be an average of 258.3 Billion downloads.

So if you thought everything was invented, think again.

Put on your thinking hat and search for what’s missing, you never know. Maybe your app will be the next big thing.

2. 25% of downloaded apps are gaming apps.

Ok, so we love to get distracted right?

While being at the doctor’s office or in a bank line, playing on our phones seems like the easiest way to make time pass.

Well, I don’t know about you, but the rest of the world seems to think so too.

Games are 2.5 times more downloaded than any business, education, lifestyle or entertainment apps out there.

3. The younger we are the more we use apps on a daily basis

We spend around 3 hours a day using our smartphones and about 2.3 of those hours are dedicated to using our apps.

If you are in the age between 18-24 you are probably using our apps around 94% of these 3 hours. If you are 25-34 then, you are hitting the 85% mark.

And if you are higher up there your using it around 42.1% of this time.

We ALL need to use our apps to even be or “exist” in our world today.

4. How is it that people find apps?

After research and quick polls, these are the results on how people choose their apps

51% of users report they found their apps because of family and friends.
48% report browsing the app store to see what is available
34% were recommended by an app store
33% report having seen the app while using another app
32% read about it online
31% saw an ad while browsing the web
26% saw an ad on TV
21% found it through search engines
20% saw them on youtube

There are millions of app users searching all over the places to check out, not only what the new upcoming tool is, but ways to help them make their lives a bit easier.

5. Almost 50% of smartphone app users are females

11.8% of women actually purchase apps compared to 10.9% of men. Women are two times more likely to use their apps than men are.

This is information can really come in handy when thinking of building a new option for the millions of new app downloads that are yet to come.

Shocking or what ?