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Are You Looking to Create a Mobile App?

Are You Looking to Create a Mobile App?

Start Creating Your Mobile App Today!

Oct 4, 2019 BY Inventors Trust

Are You Looking to Create a Mobile App?

For small and large businesses alike, a mobile app offers an excellentopportunity to expand their audience reach and provide a new platform forconsumers to browse, buy, and contact the business. Apps also offer an amazingopportunity for creative minds to build, develop, and even sell their own appsto both enterprises and everyday smartphone users. The variety of appsavailable to use and download is extensive, ranging from addictive games toglobal shopping channels. This article aims to educate business owners andwould-be app developers on the importance of these incredibly handy pieces ofsoftware and how to begin to create your own app.

The History of Mobile Applications

Most smartphone users will be aware of apps; they are becoming an essentialpart of daily life. Apps enable us to order a cab with the click of a button,get our favorite takeaway delivered, and buy brand new items of clothingwithout leaving the room. Apps also enable us to chat with friends all overthe globe and take funny, filtered photos with those we love. Users candownload applications from the App Store, on Apple products, Google Play, onAndroid products, and the Microsoft App Store, on both smartphones and laptopsand desktop computers. We rely on apps in the modern world so much that it canbe tricky to imagine a time without them. However, it wasn’t until 2008 whenthe App Store as we know and love today came into existence. In July 2008,Apple released its App Store, with 552 apps ready to be downloaded by users.Of these 552 apps, 135 were free to download. It’s this release that manybelieve transformed the smartphone industry completely. In only one week,iPhone users had downloaded around 10,000,000 apps, cementing this vital partof daily life forever. Since then, the number of available apps to downloadhas rapidly grown. As of 2019, the Apple App Store has 2.2 million apps;Google Play Store has 2.8 million. What’s more, a key statistic regardingmobile applications is the fact that 57% of all digital media usage comes fromapps alone. For those looking to create a mobile app, it’s a highly lucrativebusiness and one which looks to only increase in the future.

The Steps to Take to Create a Mobile App

  1. Your Idea

    Every great app starts with a great idea. So, what’s yours? Do you seek tofill a gap in the market? Do you want to educate? Do you want toentertain? By answering these key questions, you can begin to narrow downyour initial idea into something viable. Additionally, you need toresearch the features and design you wish to develop. Will the app becomplex, with a number of pages? Or will it be simpler and morestraightforward, such as WhatsApp messenger, where users only need toinput their phone number and upload their contacts to get started? Marketresearch should also play a part in this step. You will need to assess themarket, determine who your target audience is, and how to create somethingwhich appeals to them.

  2. The App Development Approaches

    There are three different approaches you can take when developing an app.

    • Web

    • Native

    • Hybrid

    What you use will depend on your skill set and what you use to develop theapp, such as a desktop computer.

    Web app development

    is traditionally associated with desktop app development. Developersbuild websites using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, and these sites can thenbe accessed on mobile devices via mobile browsers. To utilize thisapproach, you will need to be fluent in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, but youwill be able to create apps to be used on iOS, Android, Windows Phone andHTML5 mobile browsers.

    Native app development

    consists of apps being built using platform-specific SDK developmenttools. This includes Objective C in Apple’s XCode and .NET and VisualStudio for Windows Phone. Using native app development means you candeploy the app straight on the store, and you have maximum control overperformance.

    Hybrid app development

    is the best of both Web and Native. Hybrid apps use HTML, JavaScript, andCSS to be built, as well as using both Web Development platforms andHybrid SDKs. It’s a good option for developers as it only uses one codebase for all platforms. However, users have reported that theirperformance is limited by the web’s capabilities.

  3. Alpha Testing

    Alpha testing is a critical stage of any app development, especially forbeginner developers. The alpha version of an app is usually to test howspecific elements work to highlight bugs which are present in order toresolve them. For alpha testing, you will typically test it in-house, withyour team undertaking the task, using specific techniques. It’s a way towork through any issues and problems which appear, ensuring your app willbe fixed by the time you release it to the general public.

  4. Beta Testing

    Beta testing, on the other hand, is an increasingly popular way to test anearly complete app on target users. It’s a key way to test how the appperforms in everyday life, with the users providing unbiased responses andhonest feedback. For beta testing to be profitable, your app must bestable for users, testers need to be the target users, and the testersneed to use the app in real-life scenarios.

  5. Analytics & Metrics

    After testing is complete, you should take the time to include necessaryanalytics to the app. These key pieces of data will show you clearly howwell your app is being received by the public, and whether there are anyaspects which are currently lacking. When accessing analytical data, youshould focus on how many active users your app has and the engagement. iOSfeatures App Analytics which undertakes the research for you andincludes the records where people found your app, how many times yourapp’s icon has been viewed on the App Store, and how many times your appcrashes each day.

To Conclude

Every great app starts with a great idea, but every great idea is turned intosomething incredible by a great developer. At Inventors Trust, our expert teamspecializes in app development, so if you have an incredible idea, we want tohelp you! Contact us today to discuss your app and how we can bring it to life.