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How to Make My New Invention Idea Into a Prototype

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Jun 26, 2019 BY Inventors Trust

So you were in the shower, singing an all, your mind ur running a million thoughts an hour and all of a sudden you just had one of those “ah” moments. And you think “wow!” this invention idea is amazing, why am I not doing this already?

You rinse off your shampoo as quick as you possibly can before it’s the idea the slips out of your mind. You get out of the shower, find a pen and paper and bam! You jot it down. “Phew” that was close. So many other ideas have just come in as easily as they come out.

So you get dressed and your feeling exhilarated, even lucky to have come up with this wonderful idea.

So now what?

You begin to think “What should I do next?” “How can I make this idea come to life?” “Is this idea sellable?”


Well is a little recipe on how you can turn your invention into a prototype:

1. Document and Record Your Idea

One of the most basic things to establish and be able to “prove” if you have the intention of selling your idea is that it is actually yours.

Record a video, describe in in a legal document, anything you can to use as later evidence that it is you who has come up with this magnificent concept.

2. Make sure no one else has come up with it first

Just because it is the first time this idea has eve crossed your mind, doesn’t mean no one else had already thought of it before you.

Do a little patent search.

You can check out the United States Patent and Trademark Website and see if anyone else has already patented your idea.

3. Is your idea a niche?

Do research. Is your idea something people actually need?

Will customers really use your product? How helpful could this be to someone?

Is this an invention people need?

Ask yourself these questions before going through to the next steps. If the answer is YES, then, by all means, begin to develop your idea!

4. Make a prototype

Here you might want to delegate the task at hand unless you feel in full capacity to draw and make your own mockup.

We here at inventor’s trust are dedicated to making a model for your product.

We draw and illustrate what your idea should look like, build a 3D model for the product you would like to sell and finally have an “end” product to show.

5. Patent your Idea

Once your idea is literally in your hands, ensure you are the owner of this product invention.

6. Plan it Out

Having a solid business plan can help you rank for some type of success rate

You can have an amazing idea, but no plan means no success.

Happy inventing!